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Serverless Apps Locally

Not all serverless apps have good local development tools, but some do. With the right local development tool, you can easily run serverless apps locally. Take a look at one such local development tool example, the Spin application framework.

Spin is designed to make local development and testing super easy. With just a few commands, you can run your first serverless app:

$ spin new -t http-js hello  # Create a new app
$ spin build --up            # Build the app and start a local server 

For full details on installing Spin, check out the Spin QuickStart guide.

Spin is more than just a testing tool. You can (should you so desire) run Spin as a production environment.

Other serverless app platforms may provide extra tools you can download and install if you want to test locally. For example, AWS Lambda has additional tools. You can install the AWS Sam tool. It takes a little more work than Spin to get it running, but from there you can do some local testing.

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