About Us

Pioneering the next wave of cloud computing.

The Fermyon team hails from a fine tradition of open source development. We built CNCF projects like Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes and Brigade, the tool for scriptable tasks.

We created the VS Code integration for Kubernetes and the Draft developer’s tool for Kubernetes. But we’re not just about the code.

Some of us wrote the Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes.
Others designed logos and sites for well-known cloud technologies.

We have spoken at almost every single KubeCon, even the first one.

We introduced the Kubernetes world to WebAssembly with Krustlet. We’ve talked about Bindle the package repository for WebAssembly and Hippo the deployment platform. We got a little retro when we implement CGI for WebAssembly in Wagi. We created Yo-Wasm to help you get started quickly with WebAssembly. And we are active members in the Bytecode Alliance.

Now we are exploring a new way to do cloud-native WebAssembly. With developers and DevOps in mind, we are creating an environment that makes it easy to build a new generation of distributed microservices.

We can’t wait to show you more.

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