Deliver denser, faster serverless compute for your Kubernetes infrastructure

Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes is a robust, easy-to-use serverless platform that enables developers to quickly deploy WebAssembly (Wasm) applications to Kubernetes, regardless of their experience level with Kubernetes.

Incredible Compute

Bring next generation compute for your team’s application delivery.

10x 50x workload density

Deliver over 5,000 serverless apps per Kubernetes node.

Stunning performance

Massive reductions in serverless cold start delays (sub 1 ms) and throughput (3-5x)

Reduce cloud costs

Increased capacity and resource efficiency means lower infra spend for your team.

No lock-in

Highly portable apps and workloads that can be run on a variety of CPU, OS and cloud vendor architectures.


Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes uses a highly specialized runtime in Kubernetes, to enable the high density of applications. This runtime will benefit scenarios where you have many applications with varying degrees of utilization over time.

The instant availability of the applications (always scaled up, but not utilizing resources), and not having to get complicated scaling rules right, are clear immediate benefits you will get from the Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes - and still being able to save 60% on your compute cost.


“We've been able to take a Kubernetes batch process of tens of thousands of orders and cut the compute cost by 60%, without trading off performance”

Kai Walter

Kai Walter

Distinguished Architect, ZEISS Group

“It enabled us to build holistic service components, including smart contracts, and integrated a zero trust architecture with confidence that third-party code wouldn't introduce risk in such a critical environment”

PJ Łaszkowicz

PJ Łaszkowicz

Technical Director, Omnijar

“Fermyon not only reduces complexity but also continues to address enterprise cloud computing pain points head-on while also considering the growing demand for increased profitability and productivity.”

Paul Nashawaty

Paul Nashawaty

Principal Analyst at The Futurum Group

“It took me 13 lines of code and 2 commands (spin build, spin cloud deploy) to build and deploy a simple 'chatGPT like' app with Fermyon”

Sébastien Blanc

Sébastien Blanc

“I'm getting some hands on time with WebAssembly by playing around with Fermyon and their Spin framework. I think it's extra dope.”

Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey Hightower

Former Distinguished Engineer, Google

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SpinKube is the open source way to run Spin apps in Kubernetes. SpinKube is a collaborative community project.

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Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes

Enabling teams to deliver faster, denser serverless compute in Kubernetes. Runs in any cloud cluster, or on-prem.

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