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We are building open source, WebAssembly-powered cloud tools, with the aim of simplifying and unlocking new technologies for all.


The Frictionless WebAssembly Microservices Platform

The Fermyon Platform

A faster, lighter way to run your services in the cloud — and to harness the power of WebAssembly.

You can rapidly compose and run web apps and microservices with startup times measured in milliseconds instead of seconds, scale up or down almost instantly and execute in a secure, sandboxed environment.

The WebAssembly (Wasm) Content Management System (CMS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A Short Story

Meet Charlie. Charlie is in the process of growing a thriving online business and is elated about the possibility of writing and publishing new content almost every day. Charlie already knows a little bit about tech i.e. the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) stack, but does not want to personally put a lot of time and effort into installing, configuring and maintaining servers, databases, security, networking and so forth. Charlie is aware of the concept of ever-changing technology. Specifically, how Virtual Machines (VMs), containers and cloud-computing services are ubiquitous nowadays. In a nutshell, Charlie needs the most frictionless Content Management System (CMS) with optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compliance.

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