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The Frictionless WebAssembly Microservices Platform

The Fermyon Platform

A faster, lighter way to run your services in the cloud — and to harness the power of WebAssembly.

You can rapidly compose and run web apps and microservices with startup times measured in milliseconds instead of seconds, scale up or down almost instantly and execute in a secure, sandboxed environment.

PaaS Is Not Dead

I am troubled by a few loud voices recently claiming that Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a failure. I am not bothered so much by the idea that PaaS might not have lived up to expectations. What frustrates me is that people are claiming this as if it were fact, but without evidence.

PaaS, it turns out, is not dead. We’ll look at a few ideas of what failure is, apply them to PaaS, and then evaluate whether PaaS has failed. The conclusion is resoundingly clear: PaaS is a highly successful endeavor, alive and well, and likely to be so for quite some time.

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