Pioneering the next wave of cloud computing.

We are building open source, WebAssembly-powered cloud tools, with the aim of simplifying and unlocking new technologies for all.


We are focused on building tools to enable the development, deployment and management of applications as WebAssembly modules.

Ultimately we want to support the growth of a cloud-native Wasm ecosystem. We promise that our open source projects will remain open.


An open source framework for building and running fast, secure, and composable cloud microservices, built with WebAssembly and the component model.

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A simple CMS-like tool for hosting websites (like this one). It compiles entirely to WebAssembly, and runs in any WAGI-capable system.

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WASI Experimental Toolkit

Experimental reference implementations for WebAssembly hosts, providing features like HTTP, key/value storage, caching, and logging.

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Spin up WebAssembly on DigitalOcean in Minutes

When creating microservices, sometimes it’s nice to quickly get going with a publicly available server. In this article, we build a Spin app on a DigitalOcean server.

DigitalOcean is known for making it easy for developers to create and manage cloud computing. And we at Fermyon love them for it. We’ll start by creating a DigitalOcean Droplet. We’ll use VS Code to attach our development environment directly to the Droplet. Then we’ll install Spin and Rust. In a few more minutes, we’ll have a simple app coded up, compiled, and running on a public IP address.

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