Fermyon Cloud

From blinking cursor to deployed app in less than two minutes

Fermyon Cloud is the easiest way to deploy and manage cloud native WebAssembly applications with Spin, our developer tool.


Spin is the tool for developing serverless WebAssembly apps

Compose serverless applications using WebAssembly, and quickly deploy to Fermyon Cloud.

A micro-CMS for WebAssembly and Spin

Compiled to WebAssembly, Bartholomew can run in any Spin environment.

Serving Static Content via WebAssembly

As we’ve written about in previous blogs, we run all our websites using Spin. To achieve that, there are a few Spin components, which we tend to use repeatedly for a set of generic features.

This blog post will talk about those features, particularly the Spin Fileserver, which we’ve come to rely on for serving static content via WebAssembly.

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