Faster, denser cloud compute - on Kubernetes and beyond.

Run your apps with 50x or greater workload density per node, dramatically increasing capacity and reducing costs.

01 Start Local

A frictionless dev experience

Quickly create, distribute, and execute WebAssembly apps, functions and microservices with Spin — our developer framework and CLI.

$ spin new

Start a new project

$ spin build

Build your app

$ spin up

Run your app

(main) $ 
spin new
Pick a template to start your project with: http-go (HTTP request handler using (Tiny)Go) http-swift (HTTP request handler using SwiftWasm)
http-rust (HTTP request handler using Rust) http-zig (HTTP request handler using Zig) kv-explorer (Explore the contents of Spin KV stores) redis-go (Redis message handler using (Tiny)Go) redis-rust (Redis message handler using Rust)
    use spin_sdk::http::{IntoResponse, Request};
    use spin_sdk::http_component;
    /// A simple Spin HTTP component.
    fn handle_hello_world(req: Request) ->
    anyhow::Result<impl IntoResponse> { {
        println!("Handling request to {:?}",
            .header("content-type", "text/plain")
Hello, Fermyon!")?)


$ spin new

Start a new project

$ spin build

Build your app

$ spin up

Run your app

02 spin cloud deploy to Fermyon Cloud

Quick & efficient cloud deploys

Push your app to the Fermyon Cloud to instantly have a secure publicly available deployment. View and manage your serverless apps, powered by WebAssembly.

Manage your Spin apps See it live Application logs
Fermyon Cloud Interface

As seen on the internet

The New Stack

From blinking cursor to deployed serverless app in 66 seconds.

It's free.

Why Fermyon?

The next wave of cloud compute looks like this

Architected to compile and ship your code as Wasm binaries, Fermyon is a lighter, faster and truly serverless cloud. No need to deal with images, OS layers or instance config.

Finally the promise of true sustainable serverless cloud computing is here with Fermyon’s Cloud offering — a platform that allows me to use almost any language, is incredibly easy to use and blazingly fast.”

Federico Dionisi

typical app image


cold starts.

0ms 50ms 100ms 150ms 200ms 250ms

Automatically scales-to-zero

Requests are so fast, services can shut back down seamlessly between requests — minimizing compute consumption.


Secure by

Every Wasm application runs in a secure sandbox — eliminating cross contamination.


Compute less, save more

A lighter, faster, and more efficient model means lower cost and more sustainable for your business and our planet.

We've got you covered.

Not just JavaScript — compile almost any language to Wasm.

Rust, Go, Python, JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, C#

Fermyon’s Spin works with mainstream languages like JS/TS, Python, .NET, Rust, and Go. We adhere to the WASI standard, which means dozens of languages that have support for Wasm can be compiled, built and deployed.

Deploy and run for free

No tricks. You can run apps on Fermyon Cloud without having to worry about an expiration date. You can opt into future, paid upgrades later on if you need to.