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We are building open source, WebAssembly-powered cloud tools, with the aim of simplifying and unlocking new technologies for all.


The Frictionless WebAssembly Microservices Platform

The Fermyon Platform

A faster, lighter way to run your services in the cloud — and to harness the power of WebAssembly.

You can rapidly compose and run web apps and microservices with startup times measured in milliseconds instead of seconds, scale up or down almost instantly and execute in a secure, sandboxed environment.

Introducing Fermyon, the Frictionless WebAssembly Platform

Today we are excited to announce the preview release of Fermyon, the frictionless WebAssembly platform for writing microservices and web apps. To get you started, we’ve got an installer GitHub repo to provide a couple of ways to get Fermyon installed.

We’ve been talking for a long time about how WebAssembly enables the next wave of cloud computing. And we’d like to show you why. Finicky Whiskers, our DockerCon presentation, and our WasmDay talk about running a WebAssembly CMS have all covered various aspects of how we run multiple WebAssembly microservices in production (often alongside containers). Now you can install our platform on your own system.

For the last few months, we’ve been quietly at work assembling the tools necessary for you to install Fermyon into your own environment. And today, we’ve released an installable version along with a complete set of documentation. Let’s take a look at what is included with Fermyon.

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