Fermyon’s Open Source Promise

Fermyon pledges to keep our open source code open.

As long-time contributors to the open source ecosystem, we want to do right by the community. That means we will make sure that our open source code stays open.

In the future (hopefully the near future), Fermyon will need to have a viable way of making money. After all, it is our desire to reward the hard working people at Fermyon by providing them with steady income. But we believe that to achieve this we do not have to do anything shady that involves starting with something open and then closing it off again later.

Perhaps we will create a hosted service, or sell consulting, or even provide specially packaged binaries for a fee. We might decide the best thing to do is sell premium add-ons. But one thing we will not do is take our open source code and convert it into proprietary code.

With this assurance, we hope you find peace of mind. Using Fermyon tools will not put you at risk of becoming financially beholden to Fermyon in the future. We want (future) you to choose doing business with us because you enjoy working with us, not because you have no other choice.


The Fermyon Team

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