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Serverless Apps in the Cloud

The cloud is the first home of serverless apps. The major cloud providers, from Azure to Google to AWS all have their own hosted serverless platforms that facilitate running serverless apps in the cloud.

The first generation of serverless functions, exemplified by AWS Lambda, was bound to large public cloud providers. Moreover, most were bound to a specific cloud provider. Lambda functions, for example, cannot be easily run on Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions.

First-wave serverless also saw a few open source projects like Fn Project (Upon which Oracle Cloud Functions were built). The Fn Project appears to have gone dormant for the last few years.

But portability across clouds is an important feature. Next-wave serverless projects like Spin are designed to run on any cloud platform.

If you are interested in getting started immediately, Fermyon Cloud provides a fast and easy way to deploy your first serverless app in just a couple of minutes. Powered by a WebAssembly core, it is also currently the highest-performance serverless app platform in the cloud. And if you have already created a serverless app with Spin, the spin deploy command will deploy it to Fermyon’s free tier in seconds.

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