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Serverless Apps in Kubernetes

There are a few ways to run your serverless apps in Kubernetes. Perhaps the easiest way is to use Azure’s Kubernetes Service (AKS) to run Spin apps. There’s a great explanatory tutorial that shows how to use .NET-based Spin apps in AKS.

It is also possible to install Fermyon Spin into Kubernetes (K8s) directly. From there, you can use the K8s plugin for Spin to manage your serverless apps.

The Spin on K8s documentation shows how to configure a K8s cluster to run your Spin workload in K8s.

To install a broader set of WebAssembly-oriented serverless tools, including Spin, the KWasm installer can be installed onto several different platforms.

Another framework for Kubernetes is the OpenFaaS project, which runs serverless apps packaged in containers.

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