August 13, 2022

See Fermyon in Dublin, Ireland: Open Source Summit Europe 2022

Tim McCallum

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See Fermyon in Dublin, Ireland: Open Source Summit Europe 2022

We are building something new

Fermyon is pioneering the next-wave in cloud computing and harnessing the many benefits of WebAssembly. Join some of our amazing Fermyon team members at the Open Source Summit Europe 2022, from the 13th to the 16th of September, in Dublin Ireland.

We would love to show you how we build Microservices with WebAssembly, Rust, and Spin. Spin is an open source framework for building and running fast, secure, and composable cloud microservices with WebAssembly.

We are also very interested to hear about what you are building. We know that there are many benefits to Rethinking Microservices with WebAssembly and we want to share this knowledge with you.

The Open Source Summit Europe 2022 is both a technical and business oriented event. The benefits that Fermyon could provide (in relation to your business’ or project’s technology stack) may not only include speed, safety and performance but also represent new-found efficiencies which can translate directly into cost savings. We have learned that technologies such as containers, Virtual Machines (VMs) and WebAssembly can be complementary and work harmoniously on a variety of architectures and platforms. Including interoperability with existing cloud computing services and as part of the distributed computing paradigm; “edge computing”.

Fermyon contact details

Discord: We have a great Discord presence. Please join us in Discord and ask questions and share your experiences with Fermyon products like Spin.

Twitter: Following and subscribing to our Twitter is a great way to keep in touch.

GitHub: We can be reached via GitHub.

Email: Please feel free to Email us.

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We are hiring

We have a number of job openings available in areas of training, software engineering, developer relations, community management and more.




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