December 08, 2023

Find Fermyon at for Our Last Conference of 2023

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Find Fermyon at for Our Last Conference of 2023

The inaugural - Open Source GenAI & ML Summit will be taking place next week on Dec 12-13 in San Jose, California. If there is one theme we’ve seen repeated this year, it’s that generative AI is becoming the domain of full-stack developers. And we love that the Linux Foundation has created a center of discussion for this.

Come by the booth to pick up some new goodies. Karen and I have some signed copies of our new book, “Phippy’s Field Guide to Wasm.” And if you come by my session on “What is it like to be an LLM?,” please say hi!

Why We’re Excited About Generative AI and Wasm

It all started on a plane. Radu wrote the first version of Fermyon Serverless AI while we were on our way to India this summer. Our goal was to create the easiest way for developers to start writing code that could access an LLM (Large Language Model). With just 8 lines of code, you can write a complete serverless app that sends a prompt to an LLM and gets back a response.

Since then, we’ve seen developers build all kinds of interesting things, all without ever having to train their own model or even download a model onto their workstations.

It’s clear to us that AI has just become part of the regular developer toolbox.

One thing is clear about AI, though: It is compute intensive, usually requiring powerful GPUs to do the intensive amount of number crunching that LLMs require. As we’ve said since the early days of Fermyon, Cloud must get more efficient, and that includes GPU usage. WebAssembly is the perfect technology for pushing higher utilization and deeper efficiency of GPU usage.

Swing by the Fermyon Sponsor Booth

Come find our Fermyon booth in the Focus Zone! We’ll be at Booth B1, near Datavail & Portworx.

We’ve got our famous “Magic AI-ght Ball” variant of the Magic 8-Ball, as well as several other fun demos showcasing fun things you can do with AI and code.

And we’re bringing all the goodies with us. We’ve got:

Talk on Wed Dec 13

My background is in philosophy. So as AI gains traction, I am finding I have a few opportunities to engage in some philosophical thought experiments. I’m super amped up that I’ll get to exercise those philosophy muscles for my talk at AI.Dev.

Wednesday, December 13 • 3:30pm - 4:00pm

What Is It Like to Be an LLM? - Matt Butcher, Fermyon

There is an entire track on ethics, responsibility, and AI. And I’m looking forward to many of these.

And if You Want to Try It Yourself…

There’s no need to wait to try out Spin and AI. We’ve got a great tutorial, as well as several examples at the Spin Up Hub.

If you’re up for a little coding adventure (We know you are!), we’ve got a bunch of prizes queued up for the Advent of Spin 2023 challenges.




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