November 28, 2023

Announcing Advent of Spin 2023

Sohan Maheshwar Sohan Maheshwar

advent of spin coding challenge

Announcing Advent of Spin 2023

’Tis the season to learn something new. 🎄

The holiday season is here, and it’s time for this year’s Advent of Spin challenge. Each year, we at Fermyon put together a series of challenges designed to test your Spin mettle. Whether you’re a newcomer to this whole serverless apps thing or a seasoned Spin developer, these challenges will provide your brain with a stimulating little project each week. And each challenge you complete puts you in the running for a special Fermyon prize pack.

Here’s the Advent of Spin promo video for extra hype:

This holiday season, we’ve got challenges ranging from building a static site all the way through working with AI. And we’ll introduce them live as part of our Live Code Tuesdays stream. Join Sohan and special guests as they talk through the task and showcase the technologies used to solve the challenge.

While we were inspired by the Advent of Code series, our challenges are not designed to test your algorithms, data structures or mathematical acumen. Instead, we focused on building fun challenges that will stoke your creativity.

How To Play?

Go to the Fermyon Advent of Spin repo on Github and follow the instructions to get started. Make sure to read the submission guidelines for each challenge and submit your solution to this Typeform page for each challenge.


Oh and there are fantastic prizes for everyone who completes each coding challenge!

  • Challenge 1 - A special Spin denim tote bag
  • Challenge 2 - Phippy’s Field Guide to Wasm
  • Challenge 3 - Limited edition Fermyon Fanny Pack
  • Challenge 4 - Exclusive Fermyon Beanie

Advent of Spin

We’ll also have awards for a few bespoke categories, too!

Last Year’s Challenge

Want some practice for this year’s challenge? Try out last year’s challenges and let us know what you think. The validation endpoint still work. We tried Challenge 1 and 2 from last year’s Advent of Spin, on our Live Code Tuesdays lviestream:

Nobody Must Code Alone!

We’re all around in the Fermyon Discord server. Come hang out, ask questions, and help others out as we work through the season’s challenges. This is a great opportunity to meet others in the community, as well as the engineers behind the Spin project and Fermyon Cloud.

We’ll also be posting on X/Twitter and LinkedIn, dropping some helpful resources and videos.

Yes, the main goal of Advent of Spin is to get you solving problems and winning prizes. But we also hope that you’ll find inspiration in these projects to build something on your own. If that inspiration happens to strike, let us know. We love hearing about the amazing things you build!




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