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Upcoming Events

Sept 18-19 | Zadar, Croatia

InfoBip Shift 2023 →

This hybrid conference with 14,000 attendees is focused on the global developer community. Come learn about the latest IT topics, including Sohan Maheshwar's session "The Future of the Cloud is WebAssembly" on Mon Sept 18 at 17:30 on the Web Stage.



Sept 21-22 2023 | Virtual

TypeScript Congress '23 →

TS Congress is an online event for web developers on all things TypeScript. Learn from industry professionals and community members, exchange ideas, interact, and collaborate in the form of a modern tech event.


Sept 19 - 21 2023 | Bilbao, Spain

Open Source Summit Europe 2023 →

You can find us in Bilbao, Spain, at the upcoming Open Source Summit Europe 2023 event! Meet a diverse community of open source enthusiasts across various industries at this conference, and make sure to stop by the Fermyon booth to say hi!




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