July 18, 2022

Why WebAssembly Belongs Outside the Browser

Matt Butcher Matt Butcher

wasm suborbital cosmonic

Why WebAssembly Belongs Outside the Browser

Today Fermyon jointly published an article with Cosmonic and Suborbital. Together, we articulate our vision for why WebAssembly is an excellent technology for a new generation of cloud development. We talk about the features of WebAssembly that made it such a compelling browser technology, and how those same features make it the perfect fit for compute workloads in the cloud.

To us at Fermyon, WebAssembly represents the next wave of cloud computing–a natural fit alongside virtual machines and containers. And our friends at Suborbital and Cosmonic agree. For this reason, we are happy to have the opportunity to jointly express this view.

Check out the article on Wasm.Builders: Why WebAssembly Belongs Outside the Browser.




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