October 20, 2023

Serverless Sources: Our Team’s Favorite Places to Read & Learn in 2023

The Fermyon Team

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Serverless Sources: Our Team’s Favorite Places to Read & Learn in 2023

This article explores tech resources, from newsletters to podcasts, highlighting WebAssembly and open-source development communities and events. Read on to find out about our team’s favorite resources.

Here at Fermyon, our team is comprised of a whole bunch of folks from different corners of the world, and different parts of the developer community. Whether writing Python, passionate about Rust or Go, being active in the Wasm space or just plain curious about interesting projects (Zig 👋) - many different subjects tend to circulate inside our company Slack channels.

“What are you reading?” is one recurring thing we’re asking each other when we meet up and get to connect outside of our projects (we’re fully remote, but gather in-person twice a year for all-hands offsites).

In this past year, the common question has shifted to “Where are you reading?” We’ve observed Twitter and X evolve and transition. Many captivating discussions around technology, the open-source ecosystem, and the continued growth and development of WebAssembly have migrated elsewhere.


Email is alive and well! For focused topics around dev tools, serverless shifts and open-source software, there are many, many wonderfully curated newsletters that we like to subscribe to:

Note: You can also subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates from Fermyon (and our pets).


Yes, it’s true - there’s a podcast for just about anything these days. And then some. But honestly, we love to consume long-form technical topics such as audio, and these, in particular, are team favorites.

Community Groups


Note: we’ve recently started our own regular stream series - check out our Live Code Tuesdays on YouTube!

The Orange Website

Hacker News is still very much alive and well. Interesting tools and topics can be found here daily - and plenty of lively commentary to boot (a full range of spicy takes and fascinating responses).

With the explosion of AI, research papers and daily developments around models and tooling - HN is often a frequent source of value.

Online Publications

Conferences & Events

A huge part of open-source for us is the active community we find showing up and connecting with us at events worldwide. Foundations and groups like the CNCF, Linux Foundation and Bytecode Alliance have been major catalysts and curators of this.

Special kudos to the newer, independent events like Wasm I/O, too!

For many of us, KubeCon, in particular, is a massive annual gathering of familiar faces and teams we greatly admire - we’re looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in a few weeks!

Checkout out our Upcoming Events page to see info about our presence at KubeCon and other events (schedule of talks and workshops, booth location, etc)

Learning about the Wasm Component Model

The WebAssembly (Wasm) Component Model is an exciting new development in the world of Wasm. It offers a standardized way to package and distribute WebAssembly modules, making it easier for developers to build and share reusable components. This component-based approach promotes modularity and code reusability, leading to more efficient and scalable applications.

With the WebAssembly Component Model, we can expect a future where developers can easily integrate and combine different WebAssembly components to create powerful and innovative solutions. It opens up new possibilities for collaboration and accelerates the development of web applications. The WebAssembly Component Model is definitely a game-changer that will shape the future of web development. We have provided some resources below, on this topic.




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