June 29, 2022

Announcing Spin v0.3

Radu Matei Radu Matei

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Announcing Spin v0.3

Last week we introduced the first preview of Fermyon, the frictionless platform for writing microservices and web applications with WebAssembly. Spin is a foundational piece of the platform, and we are excited to announce the new Spin release, v0.3.0.

What is new in Spin v0.3?

The highlight for this release of Spin is the spin deploy command, which enables developers to deploy their Spin application to the Fermyon platform in just a few commands.

After deploying the platform locally or in the cloud and configuring your environment, deploying a new Spin application can be done using the improved spin deploy command:

$ spin new http-rust hello-fermyon
$ cd hello-fermyon
$ spin build
Executing the build command for component hello: cargo build --target wasm32-wasi --release
Successfully ran the build command for the Spin components.

$ spin deploy
Successfully deployed application hello version 0.1.0!
Available Routes:
  hello: http://spin-deploy.hello.local.fermyon.link (wildcard)

The spin deploy command takes care of publishing the application and all its static assets to the registry, then scheduling it on the configured Fermyon platform (using the HashiCorp Nomad project as the orchestrator for the platform).

Updates to the application can be performed using the same spin deploy command:

You can read more about the underlying infrastructure of the Fermyon platform from this article on how we built Finicky Whiskers.

There are also substantial improvements to the developer experience for creating new Spin applications and working with templates, the spin binary now has better portability on Linux, and we worked hard on the error handling, test coverage, and documentation of the project.

Seven new people made their first contribution to Spin in this new release — we would like to thank @danbugs, @mooori, @mikkelhegn, @ejmg, @ecumene, @VishnuJin, and @joepio for their first contributions, as well as everyone in the community who contributed code, documentation, or bug reports! The Spin project would not be possible without your support!

We also want to give a shout out to the Bytecode Alliance and the Wasmtime project, which have been hard at work implementing support for the WebAssembly component model!

The new Spin VS Code extension

We have also been hard at work on a plugin to improve the developer experience of using Spin with the VS Code editor — while still an early project, you can use it today to simplify running spin build, spin up and spin deploy from your VS Code window! Check out the GitHub repository for the new VS Code extension for Spin.

We are really excited for developers to try Spin — head over to the Spin documentation website, and give it a spin!

If you are interested in Spin, the Fermyon platform, and other Fermyon projects, join the chat in the Fermyon Discord server and follow us on Twitter @fermyontech!




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