August 31, 2022

Announcing Fermyon Community Meeting: September 2022

Tim McCallum

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Announcing Fermyon Community Meeting: September 2022

We will now be holding monthly community meetings, on an ongoing basis. These community meetings are primarily a Q&A; we will be spending most of the time answering questions from the community. These are excellent opportunities, for you, to watch live demonstrations and meet some of our team. The first in this new series (our September community meeting) has an exciting new SDK announcement so don’t miss out! Please read on for more information.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we have a very exciting SDK announcement for this upcoming event. Fermyon engineers will be on hand to demonstrate this new SDK.

We have been building a lot of tooling and also integrating WebAssembly (Wasm) into our technology stack. If you are interested in a future using Wasm and want to learn about how we are rethinking microservices, and much more, this community meeting is a must for you!

The first meeting is being held on the 8th of September 2022 at 11 am PST. This is an American-friendly (north and south) time slot. We will also be catering to the EMEA/Asia-Pacific-friendly (Europe, Middle-east, Africa, Asia, and Pacific) time zone the following month. From there we will continue to alternate back and forth monthly; accommodating these two different time zones.

We’ll meet on Discord, for this upcoming community meeting. This will be a relaxed yet very enlightening session. If you haven’t already, please join us on our Discord to familiarize yourself. Then, make sure to mark your calendar and return to our Discord as the event starts.


We would love to learn about:

  • how you are using our products and technology,
  • what you are working on, and most importantly
  • how we can help you!

We encourage you all to come along, participate and ask questions.

If you are unable to attend a particular time zone, don’t worry. The meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the Fermyon YouTube channel. Of course, it would be optimal for you to attend and hear our SDK announcement whilst also spending time asking questions and chatting with our team.

Looking forward to collectively engaging with our wonderful wider community.

See you there!

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