July 28, 2022

Join Fermyon at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America

Tim McCallum

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Join Fermyon at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America

Fermyon Technologies, Inc. are thrilled to be joining the open source and cloud native communities at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America conference; in Detroit, Michigan this October 24 – 28, 2022. Please come and visit us to discuss our frictionless WebAssembly microservices platform and let us help you achieve your wildest dreams; whether that’s creating your own software product, saving your valuable time, or even reducing your IT infrastructure overheads.

New to WebAssembly (Wasm)?

If you are new to Wasm, that is all the more reason to come along and visit us in Detroit.

Fermyon Technologies Inc. are committed to sanding off all of the bumps for potential Wasm developers and we would like to see you get up and running with your first Wasm-based web application or microservice in a few minutes or less!

If you want to try Wasm, join with us to realize how easy it can be to get started working with Wasm. Our passionate team will do our best to ensure that you are among the first to discover tomorrow’s trending technologies.

Already an aficionado?

If you are already a seasoned Virtual Machine(VM) user, a specialist in containerized workloads and services and/or perhaps even a Wasm aficionado, we would still love to talk to you. I’ll bet there is plenty that we can still learn from each other. Aside from sharing experiences in these technologies, I am particularly interested in hearing opinions and answers to the following question …

How do you think Wasm will change the way we do things in the cloud-native space?

As mentioned in The New Stack’s recent interview with our CEO Matt Butcher, there is continual excitement brewing about the possibilities of running Wasm along-side both pre-existing VM and Container solutions. Specifically, in the context of cloud and edge computing. As Matt mentioned, one of the sweet spots of Wasm is that we have learned (and experienced first-hand, in recent times) that Wasm can execute very very well in the cloud.

In addition, a lot of programming languages are rapidly becoming more supportive of Wasm (i.e. Ruby, Python, .NET, C#). This seems to be growing, which is also exciting.

At Fermyon, we believe that, development in the cloud (for the developer) should be frictionless and ultimately developers should be able to use the tools which they want to use; focussing on the logic of their application rather than infrastructure/interoperability and system configuration headaches. There is a lot to discuss, and we are excited to meet you.

What are some of the advantages of meeting us in Detroit?

As previously mentioned, if you are new to Wasm we can get you started quickly. Alternatively, if you are a more experienced Wasm developer, we will strive to help you optimize your efforts. Consider the following genres as food for thought, for example, we can take some time to discuss how to:

  • take advantage of Wasm’s sandboxed/secure execution even on public cloud infrastructure
  • create optimal developer experience for you and your team
  • run Wasm in highly-scalable cloud environments whilst consuming very light amounts of cloud resources
  • save money on cloud costs
  • write Wasm-based applications and microservices quickly and efficiently
  • run event driven Wasm microservices and Web applications
  • eliminate security contamination between microservice components
  • achieve micro-second cold-start times
  • eliminate DevOps configuration headaches and nightmares
  • write your code in the growing number of (preferable) languages
  • combine Fermyon microservices with existing container-based solutions to extend and speed up existing services
  • and much more!

Learn more - Spin

Before we meet, please do yourself a favour and take Spin for a spin :) Spin has its own quickstart guide which will help you set up a local developer environment where you can get Wasm-based web-applications and microservices up and running (in a few minutes) on your local hardware.

Learn more - Fermyon Platform

The frictionless WebAssembly platform for writing cloud-native microservices and web applications is designed to greatly reduce the hassle, complexity, and cost of building cloud applications. It offers a complete Wasm-based execution environment with an associated easy-to-use Web interface. Please come and talk to us about this in Detroit.

In the meantime, if you would like to try out and learn about Spin and our Platform, please join in the discussions on our Discord. You will find suitable channels. Be sure to also keep in touch for future news and updates; see below.

Keeping in touch

We want to include everyone from hobbyists, novices, enthusiasts and startup entrepreneurs, right through to Wasm experts and even large enterprise management teams looking to improve performance metrics and cut costs to meet budget requirements and so forth. If you have any questions about our technology, products and/or the documentation please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can be reached via GitHub, Email, Twitter and of course Discord. If you would like to “Become an Insider”, please fill out this brief form to get early access, deeper insights and other insider invitations.

See you in Detroit

Be sure to register for KubeCon Detroit to avoid disappointment. We look forward to meeting you in person. See you in Detroit!




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