July 20, 2023

Fermyon @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress '23

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Fermyon @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress '23

We’ll excited to be attending WeAreDevelopers World Congress for the first time next week in Berlin, Germany! Come find us throughout the second half of the week to learn about latest feature announcements in Spin and Fermyon Cloud (stay tuned), upcoming community engagements, and pick-up new Fermyon swag. See the schedule below for details:

Wednesday July 26 @ Cloud Native & Kubernetes Berlin + The Wasm Meet-up Berlin

In a joint effort between Kubernetes and Cloud Native Berlin Meetup + The WebAssembly (Wasm) Meetup - Berlin, Fermyon will have a talk at Wednesday’s meet-up taking place at co.up Community starting at 6 PM! Don’t miss Chris Matteson and Sohan Maheshwar as they present “Bring your own Kubernetes and run Serverless WebAssembly”. Full details on the meet-up page.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress ’23

Our Fermyon team is excited to chat with the European developer community at WeAreDevelopers World Congress! Come on through and bring us your serverless and WebAssembly questions.

Session wise, you can catch us here:

  • Workshop: Getting Started with Serverless Webassembly - Wed July 26 @ 15:15 - 16:45

    • Speakers: Radu Matei, Matt Butcher, Karthik Ganeshram, and Sohan Maheshwar
    • Location: Workshop M6
    • Description: Learning a new technology can be daunting, and getting started with WebAssembly on the server requires getting up to speed with both new concepts and new tooling. With Spin , we want to bring a delightful developer experience to building, distributing, and running serverless functions and microservices with WebAssembly. As with any exciting early ecosystem, there are a lot of tools, libraries, and CLIs out there, and figuring out how and if they work together can be difficult. With Spin, our goal is to empower developers to go from nothing to building and iterating on their application in just a few commands: spin new , spin build, and spin up is all you need to remember. In this workshop, we will give a guided tour into building your first serverless applications with WebAssembly and Spin with some of your favorite programming languages (such as Rust, C#, JavaScript and TypeScript, and even Python or Go).
  • The Future of Cloud is WebAssembly - Fri July 28 @ 09:00 - 09:30

    • Speaker: Matt Butcher
    • Location: Stage 2
    • Description: WebAssembly (Wasm) was built for the browser. But like many technologies, it is useful far beyond its intended use. This talk begins by articulating the original goals of WebAssembly. Next, we talk about the evolution of cloud from virtual machines to containers. This opens the opportunity to talk about how WebAssembly provides the right security and performance profile to join containers and VMs as a third kind of cloud computing. At the end, we will live code a demo of a serverless function compiled to WebAssembly, showing how much faster and resource efficient WebAssembly is.

Aside from the talks, be sure to come say hi to the team at the Fermyon booth (2_06) in Hall 2, near Stage 5 . Swing by to chat with our engineers, compete in our Finicky Whiskers game, and pick-up our latest Fermyon swag.




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