March 07, 2024

Fermyon @ Wasm I/O & KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 24

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Fermyon @ Wasm I/O & KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 24

These next two weeks are about to be jam-packed for the WebAssembly community as the Fermyon team heads to Wasm I/O in Barcelona, Spain followed by KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU ‘24 in Paris, France! We promise each week will have its own newsworthy moment. Read on to learn about all our activities across the two conference!

Wasm I/O ‘24

Fermyon is proud to be back at Wasm I/O as a Platinum sponsor for the upcoming event! Be sure to stop by our table (at the top of the stairs) to say hello to the Fermyon team, learn about our latest developments/offerings (exciting details coming next week), and pick up some of our latest swag. Beyond that, be sure to attend our various sessions across both days.

Thursday March 14

  • WebAssembly Component Model: What? How? And, why you should not ignore it! (Thorsten Hans)
    • Abstract: Uncover the advancements in the WebAssembly Component Model, revolutionizing language integration and eliminating boilerplate code. Explore its potential to shape WebAssembly usage beyond 2024, with practical examples demonstrating immediate benefits for you, your team, and customers.
    • 11:25 - 11:55 on Track 1 (Auditorium)
  • Sustainability with WASM? - faster, greener computing [Panel] (Danielle Lancashire)
    • Abstract: Wasm enables greener computing through efficient architecture and virtualization. Our panel shares insights and best practices for using Wasm to reduce carbon footprint across AI, containers, and more. Join us to learn how Wasm optimizes performance and resources for sustainable software development.
    • 14:05 - 14:35 on Track 1 (Auditorium)

Friday March 15

  • Deconstructing WebAssembly Components (Ryan Levick)
    • Abstract: WebAssembly (Wasm) Components are the next evolution of the Wasm spec. They offer the ability to interact with Wasm through high-level, idiomatic, auto-generated bindings in the programming language of your choice in a highly composable way. But how do they actually work?
    • 12:40 - 13:10 on Track 1 (Auditorium)
  • Accelerating ML Inferencing with WebAssembly & Spin 2.0 (Radu Matei)
    • Abstract: Join Saiyam and Radu Matei in exploring ML inferencing and AI’s evolution, focusing on WASM and Spin 2.0. The session starts with Spin 2.0, a WASM toolkit for accessible AI app development. We’ll explore its component model for robust, scalable AI applications. The talk then highlights AI inferencing with WASM, emphasizing improved performance and security, crucial for cross-platform portability. We will also discuss deploying Spin 2.0 apps on Kubernetes, demonstrating how these technologies integrate in cloud-native environments. This talk is designed for developers and AI enthusiasts, promising insights into the transformative impact of WASM and Spin 2.0 in making AI more practical and accessible. The agenda covers an introduction to Spin 2.0 for AI application development, its component model, and the use of WASM for enhanced AI inferencing. It concludes with practical insights on deploying these applications on Kubernetes, highlighting integration and operational benefits.
    • 16:30 - 17:00 on Track 2

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU ‘24

As usual, we always love going to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conferences because they feel like home (several of us were even at the inaugural event in San Francisco back in 2015)! We’ve been cooking up some really exciting Kubernetes developments (check back during the event), so come by our sponsor booth (near the Project Pavilion, between Dynatrace & O’Reilly Media) to learn more about the latest announcements, pick up a copy of Phippy’s Field Guide to Wasm, and grab some Fermyon swag. Check out our schedule below for details for presentations each day ~

Tuesday Mar 19 @ Cloud Native Start-up Fest (co-lo event)

  • Startup Lessons from 25 Years and Five Startups (Tim Enwall)
    • Abstract: In this session learn about the key subjects this founder wishes he had known before starting his first business, with topics such as: - What product market fit is and why it is the only thing that matters. And why Open Source companies are doubly hard to build. - Why outside capital is a “necessary evil” and when to think about seeking it. - Lessons in seeking outside capital, including why dilution doesn’t matter. - Why choosing co-founders with the same values avoids a future breakup. - Why it makes sense to build “the best workplace ever” from the beginning so you can run circles around the competition - What the two key traits are for successful entrepreneurship
    • 12:40 - 13:05 @ Level 7.3 | Room E01

Tuesday Mar 19 @ Cloud Native AI Day (co-lo event)

  • Building Serverless AI Apps with Spin and WebAssembly (Matt Butcher & Radu Matei)
    • Abstract: Spin is an open source tool for building serverless WebAssembly apps that can scale from zero to thousands. One of the virtues of WebAssembly is its platform neutrality. Spin apps can be compiled once and run on a variety of OSes, CPU architectures, and even GPUs. This means developers can locally build AI applications using whatever GPU architecture is available, and then deploy into a cluster that has a completely different architecture. In this talk, we’ll build a simple AI inferencing app using the LLaMa2 Chat LLM, test it locally, and then deploy it into a variety of environments, including Docker Desktop and a Kubernetes cluster with Wasm support. We’ll see how the same app runs in each environment, and analyze the performance characteristics of each. Then we’ll talk about the nuances of scheduling GPUs in a clustered environment, and see how Spin’s fine-grained GPU scheduling can boost GPU utilization across multiple apps.
    • 16:25 - 16:50 @ Level 7.3 | Room S03

Wednesday March 20 @ Akamai’s sponsor booth

  • Fireside chat/panel @ 13:00: Mikkel will join Akamai cloud evangelists, amongst others, for a panel on what’s cool and exciting in Kubernetes, moderated by Nigel Poulton
  • Partner Demo @ 15:00: catch our Dev Advocate Thorsten Hans for a session on "Building Enterprise Applications for Kubernetes with WebAssembly & Spin"
  • Akamai booth (near Oracle and Upbound Coffee Bar)

Thursday March 21 @ KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU ‘21

  • Keynote: Revolutionizing Cloud Native Architectures with WebAssembly (Michelle Dhanani)
    • Abstract: Picture this: your organization’s cloud, where speed, efficiency, and cross-platform compatibility are crucial! WebAssembly (Wasm) has become a game-changing technology for cloud native architectures, though searching for details on implementing this hasn’t always been crystal clear. Join us for this session, which features a group of distinguished experts working together from ZEISS, Fermyon, and Microsoft on what’s possible in cloud native development through the lens of WebAssembly.
    • 09:15 - 09:30 @ Pavilion 7 | Level 7.3 | Paris Room
  • Leveling up Wasm Support in Kubernetes (Matt Butcher)
    • Abstract: WebAssembly is a compelling technology for writing high-performance apps inside of Kubernetes. With cold start times coming in at half a millisecond, Wasm programs can be started, scaled, and stopped in the blink of an eye. This makes them a brilliant complement to containers, which often take seconds to cold start, but which are much better for long running process. We took an early shot at adding WebAssembly to Kubernetes when we built Krustlet (a CNCF project). Later, WebAssembly support was added at the Containerd level with Runwasi. In this talk, we explore the future of WebAssembly support in Kubernetes, investigating how we can reap the complete benefits of this new technology without having to force it to act like a container. We’ll explore using proxying to scale WebAssembly workloads from zero to thousands and back again in an instant.
    • 14:30 - 15:05 @ Pavilion 7 | Level 7.3 | S06

Until then, we’ll be hard at work getting ready for the next two big weeks! See you all soon in beautiful Barcelona and Paris!




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