May 15, 2024

Visit Fermyon at Microsoft Build

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Visit Fermyon at Microsoft Build

We’re excited to be heading to Seattle next week for Microsoft Build! Building on our long-lasting relationship with Microsoft (many of us started Deis Labs), we’ll be at The Hub to answer questions, share demos, and talk about WebAssembly, Spin, SpinKube, Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes, and Fermyon Cloud. You’ll be able to find us at Booth FP47, near MongoDB and New Relic.

Fermyon and Microsoft share a passion for cloud-native development, and efficiently operating applications at scale. Both as members of the Bytecode Alliance, and having collaborated on projects like containerd-shim-spin, runwasi, and SpinKube, together we’ve made it incredibly easy to experience the next wave of cloud computing using WebAssembly on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). On our recent Live Code Tuesday, Thorsten Hans and Ralph Squillace talked bout various scenarios building serverless applications using Spin on AKS. For a practical guide, this blog post is a great resource: WebAssembly in Azure with Azure Kubernetes Service and SpinKube.

With Fermyon’s compute solution, Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes, teams can run 5,000+ apps per Kubernetes node resulting in dramatic performance gains and steep compute cost savings. This will help you solve overspending on Kubernetes, while providing great developer experiences with a serverless platform for Kubernetes.

Check out our partner page on the MS Build event site, and learn how you can Deliver faster, denser Kubernetes workloads on Azure. And if you are not attending in-person at Build, but still want to learn more, stay in touch, and schedule a demo or subscribe to our newsletter with the latest and greatest product updates.

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