February 15, 2024

Visit Fermyon at Civo Navigate NA ‘24 in Austin, TX

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Visit Fermyon at Civo Navigate NA ‘24 in Austin, TX

We’re excited to be heading to Austin next week for the North America iteration of Civo Navigate! Building on top of our presence at Civo Navigate in London back in September, we’re coming back as Platinum sponsors, with a workshop and talk to top it all off. Be sure to read on to find out where we’ll be each day.

Fermyon Sponsor Booth

Don’t miss our booth in the sponsor hall on both days! We’ll be located halfway between the Main Entrance and the walkway to sessions, across from Codezer. We’ll be featuring our “Magic AI-ght” ball demo and will have plenty of giveaways ranging from t-shirts, to copies of Phippy’s Field Guide to Wasm, to camping mugs! Hope you stop by chat with the team about WebAssembly and serverless. If you need a last minute ticket, DM our Head of Community Karen Chu on the Fermyon Discord and she’ll get you squared away.

Tuesday February 20, 2024

WebAssembly on Civo Kubernetes with Spin

  • WHO: Matt Butcher & Justin Pflueger
  • WHEN: 01:30 PM - 03:10 PM CST
  • WHERE: Schmidt & Nowotny Room (Workshops)
  • WHAT: Spin is an open source tool for running serverless WebAssembly apps, and it can run inside of Kubernetes. In this workshop we will start with Civo Kubernetes and deploy WebAssembly support via Spin. We will create a basic WebAssembly app in just a few lines of code, and then build it. We will then take that app and deploy it into the Kubernetes cluster and look at how to manage the long term lifecycle of a serverless Wasm app. Those who progress far enough in the workshop will also walk through attaching and managing data storage such as key value and SQL databases. By the end of the workshop, participants will have working knowledge of how to run WebAssembly inside of Civo Kubernetes.

WebAssembly Austin Meet-up

  • WHO: WebAssembly community members
  • WHEN: 05:00 - 08:00 PM CST
  • WHERE: The Meteor - 2110 S Congress Ave Austin, TX
  • WHAT: Informal weekly get together to make new friends and talk WebAssembly.

Wednesday February 21, 2024

How We Build Serverless AI with Civo and DeepGreen

  • WHO: Matt Butcher & Chris Matteson
  • WHEN: 04:00 PM - 04:40 PM CST
  • WHERE: Cowboy Pavillion
  • WHAT: Fermyon Cloud allows users to build serverless WebAssembly applications that can do AI inferencing against a few LLMs (Large Language Models). In this session, we’ll start with an example TypeScript serverless function that uses AI inferencing. We’ll deploy it onto Fermyon Cloud and see it in action. Then we’ll take a look beneath the hood and see how each inferencing operation is handled on Civo and DeepGreen GPUs. Finally, we’ll end by talking about the sustainability impact of doing AI inferences while we heat swimming pools.

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