April 26, 2022

Matt Butcher @ DockerCon May 10, 2022

Matt Butcher Matt Butcher

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Matt Butcher @ DockerCon May 10, 2022

This May 10th, Matt Butcher will be virtually presenting “Containers and WebAssembly” at DockerCon 2022. In this interactive session, Matt will discuss how WebAssembly and containers have the potential to act in unison despite the common rhetoric that Wasm is trying to be a replacement for containers.

Here’s the abstract:

WebAssembly (Wasm) has generated buzz as the next cloud technology. But as frequently happens, rhetoric overstepped facts. WebAssembly is not the “Docker replacement.” We focus on Wasm’s promise, and where it fits into the cloud. We conclude with examples of Docker and Wasm complementing each other.

The presentation will be held at 11am PDT. Here is the DockerCon 2022 schedule.




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