June 08, 2023

Spinning around India with WebAssembly

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Spinning around India with WebAssembly

It all started at Wasm I/O. I was chatting with Saiyam Pathak, and he invited me to come out to Kubernetes Community Day Mumbai (KCD Mumbai). At the time, I wasn’t sure. It would be a long trip for a single day. But the seed of inspiration had been planted. Saiyam and I kept talking over the next few weeks. Now a quick trip has grown into the Disruptive Tech: Wasm Edition meetup series around India from the 10th to the 18th of June. Here’s what we’ll be up to.

Radu Matei, Rajat Jindal, and I will be joining Saiyam Pathak of Civo and KubeSimplify and traveling around together. The Disruptive Tech: Wasm Edition journey will begin in Bengaluru and will take us to Hyderabad, Pune,Mumbai, and Thane.

These events are filling up fast, so please register right away if you are planning to attend.


On June 10 we will be at Serverless Group Bengaluru for a meetup that Saturday afternoon. Radu and I are looking forward to talking about why WebAssembly is the future of serverless functions. Then Saiyam will talk about how Kubernetes and Wasm work together. Finally, Saiyam, Radu, and I will have a panel discussion about WebAssembly’s pros and cons, and where it is best applied.

June 11, Sunday, we will be doing a meetup and workshop for Disruptive Tech, Wasm Edition meetup in Bengaluru hosted by the Kubernetes Bangalore meetup. So make sure you bring your laptop or tablet. The meetup will start with a talk by Radu and I about WebAssembly and the Component Model, followed by Saiyam’s talk about WebAssembly and Kubernetes. After that, we have a workshop to get you started with WebAssembly. We’ll conclude with some snacks and networking.

The next day we will head to Hyderabad.


June 13 we’re looking forward to meeting up with Janakiram MSV and joining the Cloud Native Hyderabad meetup that evening.

Jani recently invited me to chat about WebAssembly and Fermyon. This video gives a taste of what we’ll be talking about:

Radu and I will talk about the Component Model and how it enables the WebAssembly ecosystem to build a class of applications that quite simply have never been built before. Jani will do a deep dive into Acorn, a unique way to bundle cloud native applications. And Saiyam will showcase how Kubernetes and WebAssembly create a powerful combination.

From Hyderabad, we’ll fly to Pune.


On June 14 Radu, Saiyam, Rajat, and I will be at the Kubernetes & Cloud Native Computing Pune/Rust Pune meetup. I’ll be talking about how we built the multi-microservice game Finicky Whiskers to showcase the performance and interoperability of WebAssembly. Radu and Rajat will talk Kubernetes and WebAssembly, and Saiyam will conclude with a high level view of what WebAssembly means to the cloud native ecosystem as a whole.

Next Stop: Road trip to Mumbai!

Mumbai and Thane

Then June 17th is KCD Mumbai! Join us and a host of others as we spend the day learning about Kubernetes and the cloud native ecosystem. Rajat and I will dive into Wasm and cloud native. Rajat has an awesome demo to show. And then later the same day, we will join our friends Saiyam, Shivay Lamba and Divya Mohan to do a workshop on building Wasm applications.

KCD Mumbai has an awesome speaker lineup. If you’re interested in attending, get tickets soon! I hear they are almost gone.

I am really excited about the workshop. Sitting down and building things together is my favorite part of any conference.

Finally, on June 18 we will be doing one more CNCF disruptive tech meetup, and this one will be in Thane. We’ll be joined by Divya, Rohit Ghumare, and Shivay. In Thane, we are going to get practical! We’ll explain Spin’s take on serverless functions when Radu and I build a like button app. Then Rajat will talk about how he ported his Good First Issue bot to WebAssembly. Then we’ll move on to one of the hottest topics of the moment and Radu will show how to use Spin and OpenAI (the tech behind ChatGPT) to build generative AI applications. Bringing it all together, Saiyam will paint a picture of the future of Cloud Native with WebAssembly.

While things are looking settled now, we may still try to squeeze in one or two more visits while there. So check back here for any schedule changes.

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Visiting a new place is always a little daunting. It’s always made easier, though, by knowing people who live there. We’d love to connect ahead of time on the Fermyon Discord. Drop in and say hi!




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