September 02, 2022

Chinchilla Squeaks Podcast Ft. Matt Butcher

Tim McCallum

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Chinchilla Squeaks Podcast Ft. Matt Butcher

This blog post outlines a conversation, in an interview, where Matt Butcher walks through his experience of the evolution of cloud computing. The narrative is bountiful in knowledge thanks to Matt’s vast experiences and involvement with many open-source software products and projects over the years.

Chinchilla Squeaks

Chris Chinchilla recently talked with our very own Matt Butcher about software development, cloud computing, WebAssembly and where Fermyon is taking this technology. At the 18:25 mark of this particular episode of the weekly Chinchilla Squeaks Podcast, Matt and Chris kicked off their conversation by remembering the very early days of developing open-source software and how the technology stack has changed over the years.

Initially, one of the many benefits of the introduction of Virtual Machines (VMs) was that VMs allowed computing to be performed in the cloud. From that point, containers further upended traditional assumptions about the relationships between hardware and software. Before either of these technologies came about, there was largely a 1:1 relationship between an operating system and the hardware it ran on. We can essentially think of VMs and containers as the first and second waves of cloud computing, respectively.

No stranger to VMs, containers and cloud computing, Matt goes on to discuss, with Chris, the finer details associated with implementing all of these technologies. Matt reminisces about creating The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes which was born out of a necessity to briefly and succinctly explain container technology and orchestration to an audience.

Excited about building the third wave of cloud computing, Matt discusses how the introduction of WebAssembly (Wasm) can complement all of these existing technologies. The ongoing approach being taken is to re-think the problem space and build products that get the most out of these new technologies. Whilst listening to developers Fermyon is creating great products. For example, amongst many other things, a frictionless WebAssembly platform for writing microservices and web apps. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about anything that was discussed.

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