January 12, 2023

Rounding off the Advent of Spin 2022

Fermyon Staff


Rounding off the Advent of Spin 2022

Welcome to 2023! We’re excited to drive WebAssembly forward this year, but before we do we have just one thing we need to take care of!

Thank You - Advent of Spin 2022

Thank you to everyone that took part in our Advent of Spin. We have seen some wonderful, and weird, WebAssembly ideas over the last 6 weeks and we want to pause to say thanks and to give out some fantastic Fermyon Swag Packages.

To recap, our Advent of Spin wasn’t a competition to see who could code their way out of a paper bag during high noon in a thunderstorm. It was a chance for you to learn about WebAssembly and to have some fun with it. As such, the awards we’re giving out are a representation of the fun we hope you had during the challenges.

Without further ado, let’s win some swag.

Walking the Walk

Our first award goes to sweatpotato13.

On Challenge 2, we asked for two services: /lowercase and /hello. We had a stipulation that / should return a 404, and it was kind of expected this route would be tackled by a wildcard handler that also handled /hello, however; sweatpotato13 threw in another service.

Not only that, you blogged about all your solutions on your website too.

Way to go the extra mile.

Enjoy your swag.

The Polyglotter

Our second award goes to bokjo for exploring FOUR languages during the challenge:

  • Rust
  • Go
  • TypeScript (nodejs)
  • AssemblyScript

You’re a true polyglotter and we’re excited to see what you do with WebAssembly in the future. Also, your Slackbot for Challenge 6, integrating with the weather API, was a solid idea.

Enjoy your swag.

Teacher’s Assistant

Lastly, our Teacher’s Assistant award goes to two people that reached out and helped us fix some rather silly bugs in the test harness. dennisg and anishcr reached out on numerous occasions and were invaluable in making sure y’all could enjoy the Advent of Spin challenges without too much headache.

Thank you both, enjoy your swag.

That’s it for this year’s Advent of Spin. Remember to follow us on Twitter, @FermyonTech, to keep up to date with all the new shiny things we’re working on for WebAssembly and Spin in 2023.

~ Fermyon Staff




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