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Developer Advocate

About Fermyon Technologies

Fermyon Technologies is a software company building the next wave of cloud computing based on WebAssembly. By producing top-quality open source software and related tooling, we are creating a new category of cloud computing that prioritizes high performance, robust security, and top-notch developer and operator experiences. And we believe that the best way to build such technology is by building a positive culture based on our values.

Fermyon is committed to a culture of belonging, inclusivity, and respect. We believe that different perspectives – perspectives shaped by life experiences, education, talent, and interests – are essential for creating thriving teams. We welcome the unique contributions that you can bring in terms of your culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages are spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, opinions, political preferences, and overall beliefs. If you are the kind of person who takes this approach to people, including yourself and work hard to appreciate everyone’s differences then Fermyon is the place for you!

In 2015, our team stumbled into the world of containers and witnessed firsthand as it exploded in popularity. These days, we’re excited about a new ecosystem that we think is about to boom: WebAssembly on the cloud. The ecosystem is early. High-quality content is sparse. Many developers and operators are just now hearing about it for the first time. We need your help spreading the word!

The position

At Fermyon we want a developer advocate that understands and practices the art of community building through effective communication and responsiveness. You don’t have to sell, but you do have to build and grow our community. We want to be clear about what we are so excited about! We want to seed interest and enthusiasm by providing a compelling use for WebAssembly on the cloud. We are here to make developers’ lives easier.


We are looking for someone who has all of these skills and abilities:

  • A passion for engaging software developers of all skill levels and backgrounds
  • A clear, optimistic, and authentic presentation style
  • Technical knowledge about how to write, compile and run programs. Specific knowledge of WebAssembly is a bonus, not necessary.
  • A solid understanding (bonus points for being an expert) of cloud concepts like virtual machines, containers, etc.
  • A high degree of comfort with streaming services (E.g., YouTube, Discord, etc.), video recording and editing, and social media platforms (Twitter, etc.)
  • A bachelor’s degree or five years of experience engaging developers and building communities.


We are counting on the role to fill these responsibilities:

  • Produce video content for Fermyon.com, Fermyon’s YouTube channel, and other relevant channels
  • Present at conferences and meetups
  • Manage and coordinate submissions to call-for-paper deadlines and help prioritize Fermyon’s submissions to conferences
  • Developing our online video content strategy, including technical documentation (tutorials and learning)
  • Plan and execute community events online and in-person in collaboration with our team
  • Measure the effectiveness of each event and piece of content
  • Inspire and influence Fermyon’s marketing and community efforts to attract the target audiences to our projects and products
  • Help us understand what we don’t yet know about developer advocacy

Being succesful

We believe your success in this role will look like this:

  • Create videos that drive engagement among developers
  • Secure speaking sessions at conferences and meetups
  • Attract people to community events
  • Become influential in the Fermyon approach to developers across channels
  • Collaborate effectively with your teammates to create cohesion and the best results

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary based on experience
  • Stock options at an early-stage startup
  • Great benefits, including healthcare (in the US) and other insurance
  • Retirement (401k in the US)
  • Unlimited vacation with a mandatory 2-week minimum per year
  • Dedicated budget for setting up your office space


Fermyon Technologies is 100% remote. While we can’t do business in every country, we have broad latitude.

Inquiries and applications can be submitted via email: jobs@fermyon.com

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